Customize “Start Custom Task Process” in SharePoint Designer 2010

This is how you can use “Start Custom Task Process” to get the same result from “Collect data from a user”:

1. Create a Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010 (SPD2010) and add the following actions:

Click on “Task (2)” to go into the Task Details page. Add a new “Task Form Field” called “Project Number”. Then add a new “Task Outcome” called “Completed”:

Click “Change the behavior of a single task”, insert the following action under “When a Task Completes” (This is to pass the current task ID to the workflow variable “TheTaskID”, which will be used to retrieve the project number that user entered in the form):

This is how to retrieve the project number:

1. Click “Value”

2. Settings are as following:

Customize the Task Form using InfoPath:

Go to the workflow’s settings page in SPD2010:

Click on the task form and it will be opened in InfoPath.

Remove unwanted buttons, i.e., Approve, Re-assign task etc. Add a new button called “Complete”. Drag the “Project Number” field into your form. Then we can manage data connections:

Click “Add” in the “Manage Data Connections” box:

Then select “Submit a data” – “To the hosting environment, such as an ASP.NET page or a hosting application”

Then name it “Completed”:

Manage the rules for the “complete” button:

Create a Rule for this button with 2 actions:

In the “Submit using a data connection:” make sure you select “Completed” as the data connection:

Save your InfoPath form and Publish it.


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One Response to Customize “Start Custom Task Process” in SharePoint Designer 2010

  1. Andres Ortiz says:

    Hi, The new task outcome not complete the Task. Please help, how do you make the task Completed. Thanks.

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