Workflow tasks cannot be completed. Workflow stays “In Progress”


Created a simple SPD workflow (SharePoint 2010) with just two lines:

1) Assign a To-do item “Test” to myself

2) Log a message “job’s done” to history list

I then ran the workflow which created a task “Test” for myself;

I open the task and click “Complete Task” and the dialog box was closed;

Then in the task list, the “Status” column for the task has been changed to “Completed”, but the “% Complete” and the “Outcome” columns remained empty, which are supposed to be “100%” and “Completed”.

The workflow does not continue to step 2 (log the message to history list) and the workflow status remains “In Progress”.

Workaround (Not a solution):

Remove the “Task Status” or “Status” Column from the task list that are linked to the workflow.

Note, if you create an action “Assign a to-do item” in workflow and publish. It will create a “Task Status” column in the task list automatically. You will need to remove it again.



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