Outlook 2010 sync “SharePoint List cannot be found.”



Ran into a funny problem today and decided to blog about it, since I spent so much time with it. A user came to me today saying he couldn’t get the “Connect to Outlook” sync working with a couple discussion boards we have. Turns out the folders that he has are there, but no posts are coming through. I found this lovely error in the Send/Receive Progress Errors:

! “Task “SharePoint reported error (0x8004010F): ‘The SharePoint List (site collection -subsite – discussion board) cannot be found. If the problem continues, contact the SharePoint site administrator. HTTP 404.”

The password was recently changed, and the password that is stored in Outlook for SharePoint doesn’t match the current one. Therefore the list cannot be found per say, it’s just cannot be accessed.

I figured out the fix in a couple hours:
There is a .pst file that stores all your SharePoint List information for Outlook.

  • Delete the SharePoint List folders in Outlook.
  • Close and logoff of Outlook
  • Navigate to C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook
  • Delete the “SharePoint List.pst”
  • Reconnect with all your SharePoint Lists!

This solution saved me some headache when I figured it out and I hope this solution saves you some more headache. I’ve had a couple blogs rave that the solution in running the command “net stop sens” on the local computer, but I’ll just leave this here in case my solution doesn’t work for you.

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