User Profile Deletion & Mysite Removal in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint: Demystifying User Profile Deletion & Mysite Removal
Inside the SharePoint 2010 My Site Cleanup Timer Job
MySite Delete Warning Resolution

SharePoint User Profiles are marked for deletion during User Profile Synchronization, when a user account meets the Exclusion Filters (of the Synchronisation Connection) where previously it did not.

SharePoint sees this situation as an indication to delete a User Profile, and potentially the users My Site site-collection.

Typically an exclusion filter might exclude user accounts that are;

  • Deleted from Active Directory
  • Disabled in Active Directory

The User Profile Synchronisation Service does not remove User Profiles or Mysites, this function is performed by the My Site Cleanup Job timer job, which by default is scheduled to run every hour.

The timer job will immediately remove user profiles marked for deletion (by FIM Synchronization) and will also potentially remove a Mysite associated with a user profile according to the following matrix;

Has Manager Property Has My Site Host Secondary Manager/Secondary Contact has Email Address Email is Sent My Site Scheduled for Deletion User Profiles is Removed
Yes No Yes Yes, to Manager Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes, to Manager Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes, to Secondary Contact Yes Yes
No No n/a No No Yes
Either No No Yes Yes

Mysite Deletion

My Site deletion is controlled and performed by the “My Site Cleanup Job” timer job, Site Use Confirmation and Deletion (in Central Administration – Application Management) plays no part in this.

A My Site will be deleted 14 days after the site was initially scheduled for deletion, irrespective of whether email notifications have been sent or not.

If a user profile has an assigned Manager, or a My Site host secondary contact exists, then;

  • They will be assigned as a secondary site collection administrator of the My Site
  • They will receive an initial notification email informing them of the pending My Site deletion in 14 days time (if the manager or contact has an email address)

After 11 days, the Manager or My Site host secondary contact will receive a reminder email notification informing them of the pending My Site deletion in 3 days time.

After the 14 days have elapsed, the “My Site Cleanup Job” timer job will irrevocably remove the My Site.

The text of the email notifications and the notification and deletion timescales are not configurable.


  • Before editing User Profile Synchronisation Connections, disable the “My Site Cleanup Job” timer job and ensure it is not running
  • The user assigned temporary ownership of a My Site scheduled for removal should either copy important content or perform a site collection backup of the My Site.
  • To disable removal of My Sites, while maintaining removal of SharePoint user profiles;
    • Ensure that the My Site host does not have a secondary contact (Secondary My Site Owner) configured. (In Central Administration, go to “Application Management >> Service Applications >> Manage Service Applications”, then click on “User Profile Service Application”. Then under “My Site Settings” click on “Setup My Sites”, then scroll down to the bottom)
    • Before an account is deleted/disabled in Active Directory, the user accounts Manager property should be cleared

To perform a Mysite backup:

In Central Administration, go to “Backup and Restore” then under “Granular Backup” click “Perform a site collection backup”.

To Restore a site collection:

Use this Powershell Script:

Restore-SPSite http://server_name/sites/site_name -Path C:\Backup\site_name.bak

Or to restore a deleted site collection:

Restore-SPDeletedSite -Identity /personal/accountName

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