Pass query string to an InfoPath form

There is a infoPath form on a page (URL: “”). We want to pass the value of “viewing” to the infoPath form.

  1. Create a new column “viewing” in the list;
  2. make sure the column is in the infoPath form (to accept the passed in value): PassQueryStringToInfoPath5
  3. Edit the SharePoint page, add a webpart “Query String (URL) Filter” to the page:PassQueryStringToInfoPath1
  4. Click “Open the tool pane”:PassQueryStringToInfoPath2
  5. Enter “viewing” into the Name box:PassQueryStringToInfoPath3
  6. Configure the connection: Send filter values to >> InfoPaht Form Web Part:PassQueryStringToInfoPath4
  7. Select “Viewing” in the next window.




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