Create a cross-site lookup field using PowerShell

Sometimes you need to create a lookup field to look up a list in another site (not the parent site).

This is how  you can do it using PowerShell:

On SharePoint server, run PowerShell as admin:

Add-PsSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
$targetWeb = Get-SPWeb http://xxxxxx/Subsite1
$sourceWeb = Get-SPWeb http://xxxxxx/Subsite2
$targetList = $targetWeb.Lists.item("The target list name")
$sourceList = $sourceWeb.Lists.item("The source list name")
$NameTheLookupFieldToBeCreated = "Name of the lookup field to be created"
$ColumnInSourceList = "Name of the column in the source list"
### No need to change after this line ###
$targetList.Fields.AddLookup($NameTheLookupFieldToBeCreated, $, "false")
$LookupField = $targetList.Fields[$NameTheLookupFieldToBeCreated]
$LookupField.LookupWebId = $sourceList.ParentWeb.ID
$LookupField.LookupField = $sourceList.Fields[$ColumnInSourceList].InternalName

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